One Vision, One Team

Improving Housing Forever

Automation is the key. Imagine if Henry Ford had not automated cars, the only cars that are handmade nowadays are Rolls Royces. We believe the 3dprint technology and automation can have as big an effect on the cost of building homes as automation did to the cost of cars.

The way we build homes has not really changed in 150 years, it is time it was modernised our technology is the key to change. Automation is the only way forward for an industry that just can't keep up with demand.

Hub Of Housing Technology Excellence

We are expanding quickly, with more countries embracing 3dprint technology regularly and moves that make the method mainstream. Our vision goes throughout the company and our dedication to innovating the housing industry to create the best possible solutions.

Our dedicated team is at the forefront of  this industry change and every person in the business is constantly looking at solutions to better manage all aspects of the process.

Having input from so many counties and areas as well as such a diverse workforce at the heart of our business, with all members given maximum opportunity to be able to share ideas and approaches to create Global Hub, provides the best solution for individual projects, Large Scale Solutions and Housing Industry.


UK Based

Our origins are in the UK but our technology is sourced from partners across the globe.

With training facilities available across 3 continents. North America, Afirica and ASIA we are ideally placed to get the right team to you.

All our technology and accreditations are done to the highest standards.

International Representation

With the help of the academy which has 100’s of members and growing we have a growing workforce ideally placed to deliver representation where and when you need it.

Our trained team our able to advise on potential projects, costing, time scales and even offer funding options.

Research and Engineering Centres

Adaptation and improvement of technology our central to our growth, the housing industry is changing and for us to stay ahead of this change we are constantly looking at ways to do things better through innovation of all aspects of the construction and project methodology. We have aligned with key strategic partners to have research and engineering centres that our purely focused on us evolving technology and our methodology.

These centres are also involved in projects, overseeing and studying results and making sure best practice is being monitored and checked on all projects.

All Under One Roof

End to End

The great thing about 3Developers is our clients don’t have to worry about any aspect of their builds. We provide a cradle to grave service that allows them to focus on selling, improving and finding more great projects.

All our builds are recorded and using 4D technology you can see real time progress.

On Site Builds

The majority of our work will be done onsite which is not only great for the environment and the carbon footprint of every house we build.

We focus on site rather than factories to reduce cost, lower mistakes and give our clients maximum moveability. 

Award Winning Technology


In December 2018 3developers was fortunate enough to win at the 3dprinting awards held in Mumbai India “Innovator in 3DPrinting Building of the year” in a ceremony that was attended by leaders in 3dprint across the globe with categories spreading across a wide range of industries.