Our Vision


Our Vision

We aim to create an organisation that can create quality, cost effectiveness,  faster and overall smarter homes on a global basis, through Franchising the technology, methodology and benefiting from economies of scale.

Thereby creating more supply of one of the worlds most in demand and most needed products.

We aim through technology, research and partnerships to maximise every aspect of the design process, manufacturing and engineering advancing construction in line with other key industries.

Our Mission

To develop and improve housing technology, solution based approach and methodology to create a cost effective way for more people to have a home and lower the bar for more businesses to be involved in building them.

Our Why

We are dedicated to the empowerment of people, the starting block of this is a home. It's where you build your life and your most expensive cost.  We empower others by making building easier, more cost effective, bespoke  faster and better quality through technology and methodology enhancements. Giving the world more of a highly in demand fundamental need and more people a base to grow.

Our Approach

Thinking Different

Our approach through technology is central to everything we do, maximising and improving every aspect of the sourcing Design, engineering, building of the housing Industry.


3Developers delivers an End to End integrated building services strategy, which offers all the services required for our end clients to have the best most technologically advanced homes using the most appropriate method available in the marketplace.

Right Solution  and Methodology.

Our solution based approach to building means we are dedicated to using the best technology and methodology for the job, our focus is on working to develop the best technology with the help of our partners and using the best methods which offer our clients the best service and end product. Also we are focused on achieving deadlines with streamlined processes which allow our homes to built built faster and more efficient.

3Developers utilities the best in robotic house building technology as well as the best modern method including prefabricated housing to offer the client the best option to make the best homes. 

Cost effective, Fast and Supply Chain

3Developers is focused on providing a supply chain that benefits from economies of scales, with high levels of accountability, quality products and less agents to allow for greater savings.

Markets We Serve


Speedy Builds and Faster fit Outs

Construction projects are infamous for going over budget and failed deadlines, changing this was at the heart of our mission with 3Developers by working and focusing on bringing technology into the process and methodology while, eliminating as much human error as possible, tracking supplies, real time updates on progress and our amazing plug and go system for fit out we are maximising every aspect of the house built.

Bespoke Building

Use of technology allows us to build better homes and more specific to your needs, 2020 will see the launch of our bespoke app which allows clients to design and cost homes without having to wait weeks for quotes while delivering real time design feedback and customisation.

Future Home Exhibition

November 2019

UK’S First opportunity to see a 3dprinted home designed by our award winning architects and set to change the way we build homes in the UK for ever.


This event will take place in central London with over 10,000 invited guests including architects, politicians, housing associations, housing evangelist, home builders, investors, journalists, property developers, engineers, academics, mortgage companies, councils and charities. During the show we are building the UK’s first ever 3D printed house, which is set to break 5 Guinness World Records, a day that will surely be noted in the history books. Sign Up here to go on our ticket list.

We welcome any interested investors and innovators to join us in this momentous occasion that showcases the potential of the technology. Not local? 3Developers is going on tour to a town near you. Register your interest now to receive further details.